15 Uses Of Alcohol You Did Not Know Before 15 Uses Of Alcohol You Did Not Know Before

Many of you don’t know it but Alcohol can actually be used for purposes other than damaging your liver and forgetting your problems (for the time being). It is a natural cleaner and finisher and it is even used in some industries for this purpose. But since you don’t have access to simple alcohol, we are going to tell you some neat tricks which you can use with other variants. This is especially for those guys who don’t like drinking too much and keep seeing much of it wasted at parties, etc. You can put the rejected booze in great use through these 15 innovative ways:

Cleaning House

Pour vodka into a spray can and you can use it for removing the nasty strains splattered across your windows and mirrors. Very good end results.


Beer without fizz can become a great fertilizer for flower pots. We all know what else is a good fertilizer.


Vodka has great assimilation and antiseptic properties. You can make a perfect recipe by adding a table-spoon of water and vinegar to two table spoons of vodka. Do try it on fabrics that aren’t washable.


Although some people even like that kind of smell, majority of us don’t and that smell can removed by using the same mixture of vodka as mentioned above.


Sticky labels are a nuisance to deal with it as they don’t tend to come off completely. Enter le vodka and here you are label-less.

Hipster Pineapple Fashion Accessories and fruits. Vanilla style.

Dirt, sweat and sunscreen are permanently pasted on your sunglasses. You can get rid of them by……..vodka of course. Just take a towel and rub it off.


Chrome fixtures are also stuff that never tend to part with their grimy appearance. Don’t worry, Captain Vodka will make them go away. Charge!


So it seems the similarity between alcohol and urine is becoming more and pronounced. Jellyfishes sting can also be made to go away by vodka/beer.


Jewelry can be cleaned spot on by soaking it in gin.


All of these stubborn stains can be made to go away with white wine.


So, vodka is also a pesticide of sorts. Who would have though of that. Vodka can remove dandruff by using it with rosemary.


There is Urushiol oil in poison ivy that causes itching and swelling. Applying vodka acts as a pacifier for the skin.


The strong smell of onion can be removed from kitchen ware by applying a little vodka with a piece of cloth


White wine can overcome strong stains like grease.


Once again, vodka to the rescue. Apply a little quantity of vodka and it will cancel out the adhesion. You can remove the bandage with ease afterwards.

So, from fertilizers to pesticides and destroyer of human livers, vodka can be anything!

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